The APT GoldKacha is part of the Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) groundbreaker and exploration range, designed for the recovery of precious metals from alluvial sands, rubble beds and dump tailings. A rudimentary, unfluidised and lower-g version of the FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator, the APT GoldKacha has nevertheless been proven to recover both course and fine gold or precious metals.

The simplicity and robustness of the GoldKacha, as well as the fact that the concentrate is washed out by hand, make it a much cheaper option than alternative gravity concentrators, ideal for small mining operations or prospecting. As with many of APT’s mineral recovery products, the GoldKacha is designed for immediate installation on site or as part of a modular plant that requires little assembly time and effort.

GCA has worked with APT since the company’s inception in 2008, when the APT GoldKacha became the first of many APT mining products. GCA has vast knowledge of the GoldKacha and its applications.

Appropriate Process Technologies (APT) GoldKacha and team
Capacity: 1,000kg-3,000 kg/hour
Nominal feed size: 3 mm
Recovery: Ore dependent
Automation: Concentrate removal by hand
Water requirement: 2,000-4,000 litres/hour with slurry feed
Power requirement: 0.75kWh
Cycle time: 20-60 minutes
Operating cost: Site dependent


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