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Used as conveyor safety pull cords, emergency stop tripwire and even in lifelong shoelaces, ArmorCord™ is a world-leading industrial safety cord.

It’s stronger than steel and tougher than Kevlar, with no internal wires or plastic sheaths, and as a result does not fray, rust or break on conveyor safety pull cords of any length. This abrasion, chemical and UV resistant safety cord embodies the theory of buying a product once and never replacing it.

ArmorCord™ does not contract or expand, so safety pullwires always remain as taut as they ought to be. By not contracting on cold evenings or in winter, this world-leading safety cord eliminates nuisance trips and downtime – increasing plant profitability.

ArmorCord™ is also the only lifetime replacement pull cord that meets ANSI, IEC/EN and ISO international standards.

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Conveyor safety wire replacement

Conveyor safety tripwires are a vital part of any mining or industrial process using conveyor technology, as they protect not only the safety of persons working on or near the conveyor line, but the safety of the conveyor and connected machinery as well.

Traditionally, conveyor emergency stop lines have been manufactured with metal wire interiors and plastic sheaths to protect them from the elements. Too often the plastic frays or metal rusts, resulting in broken pullwires, cut hands and poor on-site safety.

ArmorCord™ provides a long-term solution to all these issues, ensuring conveyor safety lines last for lifetimes, weathering almost any elements, giving site and project managers peace of mind, and letting them focus on their mining and industrial outputs.

Safety cord stronger than steel

Rated nine times (9x) stronger than stainless steel cabling typically used in pull-cord applications, and stretch free, ArmorCord™ provides a reliable solution to any industrial cord or cabling requirement.

Tripwire tougher than Kevlar

ArmorCord™ is 20 times more abrasion resistant than Kevlar. Once installed, as a conveyor safety cord or in any other industrial environment, there’s no need to worry about frays, breaks, weak points or sliced hands.

Stop ropes that survive the elements

ArmorCord™ safety pull cords are chemical resistant, heat resistant, UV resistant, creep resistant and non-kinking. Combined with the strength and abrasion resistance properties, this makes ArmorCord™ the most logical ‘install only once’ solution.


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