The Consep Acacia is a complete process solution to maximise recovery of gold from gravity concentrates such as those generated from a Knelson Concentrator.

The Consep Acacia typically achieves overall recoveries in excess of 95%, often over 98%. Most importantly the Consep Acacia maintains an unblemished installation success rate.

The plant consists of an up-flow fluidised reactor for the leaching process, which has been developed and optimised to produce the ideal solid-liquid interaction for maximised gold leaching reaction kinetics without mechanical agitation.

Consep’s skilled engineers have developed effective Electrowinning and Cyanide Destruction modules to integrate perfectly with Consep Acacia installations. The modules are, of course available in a wide range of sizes. We develop specific solutions for our customer needs, including heavy metal treatment modules to safely remove hazardous, cyanide soluble, heavy metal contaminants from the leach solution.

The Consep Acacia’s unique design and process chemistry provides maximum availability, recovery and process flexibility for the life of a project.

GCA has worked with Consep for several decades, and has vast experience in installing and optimising Consep Acacias. In addition to this GCA is able to advise on when a Consep Acacia should be used, and at what capacity.


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