Concep Acacia CS3000 installation (Placer Paddington Australia)
Acacia CS3000 Installation Placer Paddington Australia

The Consep Acacia Reactor uses catalysed intense cyanidation leaching in a  fluidised-bed reactor to recover gold from gold very high grade concentrates such as those of the FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator. Primarily a downstream process, the Consep Acacia system invariably achieves recovery levels in excess of 95 percent, and often exceeds even 98 or 99 percent.

The Consep Acacia offers a simplistic operating philosophy using only standard pumps and valves, reliable and robust reaction chemistry and superior solids handling techniques – making it one of the best leaching processes on the market and a great enhancement to FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator gold plants. All but the largest Acacia Reactors are skid-mounted and containerised for shipping, making on-site installation quick and easy.

Consep has also developed its own line of modular sludging cell electrowinning plants for total gravity accounting, and can also provide cyanide destruction systems for non-cyanide mines that use Acacia Reactors.

GCA has worked with Consep for several decades, and has vast experience in installing and optimising Consep Acacias. In addition to this GCA is able to advise on when a Consep Acacia should be used, and at what capacity.

Capacity: 375kg-15000kg/day, larger systems use carouselled modules
Recovery: Typically >98%
Automation: Complete, hands-off operation
Water requirement: Typically 1.5x – 2x solids capacity, potable water
NaCN: Typically 2.5% in solution
NaOH: Typically 0.25% in solution
Power requirement: Approx 15kWh per tonne concentrate treated
Operating cost: <=USD1.00 per ounce gold produced


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