FILTAWORX self-cleaning industrial water filters are designed and manufactured in Australia, and are of the highest quality. The fully automated, stainless steel water filtration units can withstand some of the harshest environments, and come in a wide variety of filter screen sizes – from 50 to 800 microns. The extensive FILTAWORX range can handle high-volume water filtration, from 25 to 900 cubic meters per hour in a single unit.

The self-cleaning and flushing technology employed by FILTAWORX filters allows for an uninterrupted flow of water – reducing plant downtime and maintenance – and ensures downstream equipment and processes receive clean, quality water at all times. The water filters can be hydraulically or electrically controlled, depending on the specific needs of the installation, and are extremely user-friendly.

These anti-corrosive, self-contained, auto-flushing filters can be used in a variety of applications and environments, including mine water management, assembly line and industrial water filtration, high-volume irrigation systems and commercial borehole filtration.

Extensive Range

FILTAWORX filters are available in an extensive range of sizes from 50mm to 350mm nominal bore, and can be arranged in a number of configurations to handle larger volumetric flowrates.

Screen sizes range from 50 micron to 800 micron screens, depending on the size and type of particulates that need to be removed from the water stream.


Industrial water filters

Many industrial processes use water for cooling and heating, rinsing, processes (such as metalwork), cleaning and more. Effective industrial water treatment is vital to the system as a whole, and to operating and maintenance costs.

It’s not uncommon, for example, for expensive vehicle assembly equipment to be decommissioned as a result of the ultrafine water nozzles closing up.

The ability of FILTAWORX water filters to filter high volumes of water through ultrafine mesh, combined with the self-maintenance of the filters, make the range ideal for industrial water filtration – where water quality can have a profound impact on plant performance and downtime.

Mine water treatment

The quality of water feed, and therefore water treatment or filtration, is of utmost importance in the mineral concentration process. Purer water results in less contamination of minerals, less wear on equipment that uses water, and higher performance of that equipment.

As an example, effectively filtering water upstream of an FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator allows the machine to better concentrate minerals using centrifugal force, as less impurities in the water lead to less maintenance and recovery issues.

FILTAWORX filters are the idea water filtration system for mining environments – which often suffer from poor quality water feeds in their rural or harsh conditions – as the filters can withstand extreme conditions. Moreover, the self-cleaning purge technology reduces plant downtime – allowing FILTAWORX products to pay themselves off several times over during their extensive lifetime.

Filtaworx filters installed

Agricultural water purification

As with industrial water treatment, poor quality water feed to irrigation equipment can result in clogged and corroded equipment, and poor irrigation consistency – negatively impacting agricultural yields. In highly sensitive environments, water impurities could cause contamination.

In agricultural and irrigation-based water use (and in mining and industrial water treatment), poorly filtered water increases pipe wear and sometimes corrosion – a big problem to be dealt with in future.

Raw water intake filtration


Cooling towers & process water

Raw water intakes from rivers, dams, wells, etc.

Process water filtration

Equipment protection – pump gland seals, bearings, compressors, valves, heat exchanges, chillers, spray nozzles, etc.

Irrigation – Drip, micro, sprinkler & golf

Recycled effluent water (irrigation & industry)






Petro-chemical industries

Mining & mineral processing





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Investing in a high-quality and long-life water filtration system – particularly one that requires minimal maintenance and reduces plant downtime – greatly reduces future costs and burdens. An investment in efficient water filtration may cost more than a simpler water filter, but will easily pay for itself in time and continue to deliver for years thereafter.

As the official African agents of FILTAWORX self-cleaning water filters, GCA is able to offer after sales support and service whenever necessary.


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