GCA Commissions Two KC-QS48/ICS Knelson Concentrators

GCA has successfully commissioned two KC-QS48/ICS FLSmidth Knelson Concentrators at Asanko Gold’s project in Ghana.

The KC-QS48s at Asanko are each rated at 400 tph solids (40-70% solids in feed pulp). The plant design was a fairly ‘standard’ and well-proven design, which incorporated a coarse crusher, SAG mill, and a Knelson concentrator. As expected, the throughput of oxide ores exceeded 2 Mtpa. A later design modification incorporated an additional crushing stage so that a finer and more homogenous feed would be supplied to the SAG mill, thereby increasing the treatment of the harder sulphide ores to at least 2 Mtpa.

The feed material will be pre-screened on vibrating screens to remove unsuitable, oversize material, and screen spray bars will achieve feed dilution whilst also increasing screening efficiency. Further dilution will be achieved with the addition of process water in the screen underpan. Screen oversize will be incorporated with the mill feed on the mill feed conveyor, while screen underflow will run to the gravity concentrators. The gravity concentrators are expected to produce around 3 t/d of high grade concentrate. Concentrator tailings will gravitate to the ball mill feed while the concentrate will report to an Intensive cyanidation reactor for further processing.

The plant design originally had only one FLSmidth Knelson concentrator, however with the increased throughput and relative abundance of easily liberated free gold, a second Knelson bowl was added.

The gold from the first two smelts at Asanko came from this gravity circuit.

GCA wishes every success to the Asanko Gold team and looks forward to a very successful project and partnership.

The Quantum Series (QS) Knelson™ batch concentrator is highly configurable, and is available in three models; QS30 (150 tonnes/hr), QS40 (138-275 tonnes/hr) and QS48 (220-440 tonnes/hr). The QS utilizes a rotating assembly and includes the latest design in concentrate cone technology, and also features advancements in the upper and lower frame.

The FLSmidth Knelson batch concentrator combines centrifugally enhanced gravitational forces with a fluidized bed process. It is primarily applied in the recovery of precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum group metals.

The QS Advantage:

  • The QS utilizes the same rotating assembly and concentrating cone options as the equivalent in size XD series concentrator.
  • The QS includes a one-piece upper frame and tailings launder assembly, with a new style lower frame designed to improve access and simplify maintenance of the union and drive components.
  • The QS is supplied with free-standing, remote mounted piping to provide installation flexibility. Manual, ICS junior and fully automated piping is available.
  • The QS has the same feed throughput rating and fluidization water requirements as the equivalently sized XD series concentrator.

If you would like to know more about FLSmidth Knelson Concentrator options, please get in touch with us. One of our experienced and specialised team will gladly assist.

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